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2012-02 Newsletter: President’s Letter


DFW NACE President Wendy Timson, CPCEWhy did you join NACE?  What does NACE mean to you? 

The NACE membership special for March provides you with three free months when you renew, no matter what your renewal date is. That means if you are set to expire in July of this year but renew in March, your membership will not be up again until November of 2013. In light of this great deal I thought I would share why I joined NACE, what it means to me and why I will always renew my membership to this amazing organization.

I remember attending my first NACE meeting in April of 2006, when I had no idea what NACE even was.  Natalie Storrs, who had worked with me at American Airlines Training & Conference Center, changed jobs and so her membership was transferred to me and my boss told me to go (sound familiar?).  I couldn’t tell you what the meeting was about but, I do remember being greeted warmly at the registration desk by Dana Carroll and Beth Berk. They introduced me around and everyone treated me so kindly that I came back the following month, just to see if it would be the same, and it was. So I kept coming back and over the next few months I got to know so many people and more importantly they got to know me.  Then in January of 2007 I was laid off and in searching for a job, saw a posting at the Mansion on Turtle Creek (it wasn’t Rosewood Mansion yet).  I thought, “Ok, I know Terry Shields from NACE but I am sure he wouldn’t hire me, someone coming from a no star property to a five star property.”  Guess what – he did. Why?  Terry knew me from NACE, asked others in NACE what they thought about me and then decided that I would be a good fit as I had the qualities they were looking for.  I credit getting that job to my connections within NACE.

Then a few years back I heard through others in NACE that Kevin Brant was looking for someone at a new venue, Union Station.  I remember asking Kevin about the position at the McKinney Dine Around in September of 2008, while walking in the rain.  Kevin and I didn’t know each other well but he asked others in NACE and decided that I would be a good fit.  A month later I was working for Wolfgang Puck Catering where I remain to this day, although I now have Kevin’s old job.  I credit getting hired at WPC to my connections within NACE.  It isn’t about the jobs though, although those certainly were a benefit, it is about the connections, the network of people who are more than business associates but true friends who had gotten to know me and respect me.

NACE is so much more than just an organization that meets once a month.  It is group of amazing people who help each other, provide support, encouragement, and friendship.  I attend every month because I get to see my friends! I get to interact with people who get this crazy, tiring, intense, fun industry that we all work in.  No one else gets it like they do.  No one understands why I put in the hours I do, that I really don’t make up the stories about the events and weddings I work and that people really make the most ridiculous requests (you can’t make this stuff up).  No one else knows how to talk a bride out of a meltdown before she walks down the aisle, or how to stop a drunk groomsman from giving an embarrassing toast (darn those microphones that stop working).  No one else is as sick of mashed potato bars as I am or knows the difference between a vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian.  The members of this chapter get it and they offer advice, share ideas, educate, sympathize, and at the end of the day laugh about it all with me

So why did I join NACE?   Because my boss told me to.  Why will I always renew my membership and why do I make my membership a condition of employment?  Because without this amazing group of friends from NACE, I know without hesitation that I would not be in the position I am in at Wolfgang Puck Catering, or the leader I am for this chapter or the person I am in life and that is priceless…but I will take the three free months in March by renewing and so should you!

All my best,

Wendy B. Timson, CPCE, CMP

President – DFW Chapter of NACE

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