DFW NACE Mission Statement

The DFW Chapter of NACE is committed to providing an environment in which both individual and professional growth will thrive.  Education will be an ongoing process, thus benefitting the catering and events industry and the community we serve.

2017 Goals

Maintain Chapter retention of 65% and increase membership by 20 professional new members and 5 student new members.

Action Plan – Focus on membership retention and increasing value added benefits through programs, education and networking opportunities to current members. Focus on membership growth by promoting membership campaigns, intern opportunities and creating local incentives.

Increase chapter community involvement to create awareness and connectivity within the community that we live and work in. Achieve 1,500 volunteer hours in the calendar year of 2015 from membership.

Action Plan – Create, promote, and encourage participation in community service projects to enable members to achieve pledged volunteer hours.

Achieve 60% member participation in educational and networking opportunities through monthly chapter activities and other educational offerings.

Action Plan – Create educational and networking moments for chapter programs and other educational methods to provide information to topics that will be of interest to the membership..