DFW Industry Job Board

Current Opportunities:

Catering Director
The Fort Worth Club

Responsible for promoting the Club’s facilities for special events, banquets and weddings.

Essential Functions
• Promote the Club’s social events to members and guests
• Provide and oversee all services from initial contact through completion for Club banquets, luncheons, meetings, weddings and special events
• Provide detailed sales information for all of the Club’s available spaces
• Works with Executive Chef to determine prices for catered events; oversees the development of contracted services and events in accordance with Policies of the organization
• Provide menu suggestions to clients according to specialized needs of any events
• Communicate effectively to all service, housekeeping, other staff in accordance with the requirements of any specific events
• Approve final arrangements and oversee personnel for special functions
• Address any client complaints along with appropriate level of management
• Maintain all client files and history details
• Prepare and oversee catering budgets and billing details

1. Effective Communication – written and verbal.
2. Leadership & Management
3. Business Acumen
4. Teamwork & Collaboration
5. Ethics
6. Self-Management
7. Decision Making & Judgment

Please forward your resume to: rgray@fortworthclub.com Thank you!

Catering Manager – Social Events
The Fort Worth Club

Responsible for achieving member and guest satisfaction through the event booking and planning process, specifically with social events.

Essential Functions
• Support Director of Catering by overseeing the accurate adherence to department policies and procedures, event management, and leading catering department staff through mentoring, setting the example of professionalism and demonstrating exceptional interpersonal skills.
• Maintain oversight and management of private room scheduling in ReServe- primarily responsible for events from 100-500 people including, but not limited to:
o Social events, breakfasts, lunches and dinners
o Recurring Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Groups
• Meet with event hosts to conduct sales tours, planning meetings, tastings, and greet at start of events.
• Verify all function set-ups for the day and following day by doing walk-throughs and communicating with banquet staff.
• Receive 3 day guarantees of guest counts
• Participate in production and distribution of elevator sheets and marquis signs.
• Follow-up on new business leads to secure bookings and maximize room utilization.
• Approve event billing and route to Accounting promptly following events.

1. Communication, written and oral
2. Leadership & Management
3. Business Acumen
4. Teamwork & Collaboration
5. Ethics
6. Self-Management
7. Decision Making & Judgment

Please forward your resume to: rgray@fortworthclub.com Thank you!

Director of Event Hospitality
Boxwood Hospitality

Position Summary:
Boxwood Hospitality (BH) exists to create unique event experiences in
boutique environments. BH manages a diverse set of event properties able to
service the needs of corporate, private and social clients.
BH is seeking a full-time Director of Event Operations that exudes
southern hospitality, professionalism and is willing to work in a dynamic,
fast-paced environment with a diverse team of event professionals. The
Director of Event Operations will be responsible for all aspects of the Event
Management process following the initial booking of a client through event
execution and follow up in addition to managing the Event Management

Position Duties:
• Responsible for setting overall tone at BH and maintaining a high
degree of overall professionalism. Position must be in the office
during normal business hours as stated in The Laurel Policy Manual,
five days per week, except in instances event staffing precludes these
• Responsible for serving as primary Event Manager (EM) on
approximately 24 events on an annual basis. Assignment to these events
should be strategic in nature and may occur at various BH properties.
• Responsible for identifying key candidates for EM and administrative
roles and making hiring recommendations to Ownership, as required.
Responsible for maintaining list of qualified Event Assistants to call
upon when required.
• Responsible for onboarding and training of all EMs and shared
responsibility associated with the Office Coordinator position.
Responsible for development and maintenance of all required training
• Responsible for developing and monitoring EM utilization and
schedule to insure each is effectively utilized to capacity. Responsible
for insuring administrative staffing during The Laurel’s normal
business hours. Review of EM team timesheets and expense reports,
as required.
• Responsible for providing EM and administrative team with quarterly
feedback (at minimum) regarding job performance against
performance goals.
• Responsible for successfully identifying key areas for increased
incremental sales over initial booking, selling same to booked clients
and training EM staff in same. This may include beverage packages,
A/V packages, coordination services, linens, etc.
• Attendance at key industry professional organization events and
management of EM staff to insure BH is represented at all key events.
Insure each EM team member is actively participating in an industry
• Development and maintenance of key industry and vendor
relationships that result in referral streams. Training of EM team to do
the same.
• Development, implementation, and continued monitoring of event
planning checklists unique to the needs of each property. Training of
EM staff in utilization of the same.
• Development, implementation and continued monitoring of
administration procedures associated with the following processes:

o Receipt and timely response to all inquiries;
o Staffing for all key vendor contracts:
§ Bartenders;
§ Linens;
§ Security;
§ Valet;
§ Cleaning;
§ Etc.
o Approval of invoices;
o Ordering of office supplies;
o Others, as required.

• Conducting weekly event service meetings that encompass event
planning details required at all properties.
• Attendance at weekly Operations meeting with Ownership to discuss
any key issues, strategic initiatives and action plans.
• Attendance at weekly Sales and Marketing meetings.
• Responsible for insuring the property(ies) are always presentation
ready for potential stop-in(s) and training EM and administrative
teams to do the same.
• Other, as determined and required by Ownership.
Skills / Qualifications:
• 5 – 7 years of experience in the hospitality industry (events facility,
hotel, or country club, etc.) in a senior planning capacity. This should
include managerial experience.
• Superior client service focus and commitment to the development of
BH’s reputation as a high-quality event location provider in the DFW
market. Ability to train and mentor BH staff in the same.
• Strong communication skills (both written and verbal)
• Strong interpersonal and management skills. Ability to appropriately
develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders (personnel,
clients, vendors, Ownership, etc.)
• Strong management skills, both operational and financial in nature
• Strong conflict resolution skills; ability to remedy situations to high
degree of client satisfaction.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel and

Please forward your resume to: lynn@boxwoodhospitality.com Thank you!

TLC Event Rentals

TLC is hiring for a Sales Position! Now that TLC has moved to a new North Dallas facility, we are looking for an experienced Sales Professional with a passion for events, design and an understanding of rental equipment and services. Required qualifications include paying attention to detail, anticipating clients’ needs and excellent customer service skills. Please forward your resume to: info@tlceventrentals.com Thank you!