Nace Experience: Awards Ceremony

Nace Experience: Awards Ceremony

By: Don Mamone

Without question the annual awards gala is one of the most eagerly anticipated events at the NACE Experience! National Conference.  Countless hours have been dedicated to crafting submissions for the chapter and industry awards for small and large chapters alike with the hope that individuals, companies and chapter collaborations will be recognized for their excellence among their event industry peers.

The 2016 gala took a dramatic turn from past years. Previously, the awards were presented throughout the evening as attendees enjoyed a plated dinner at assigned tables surrounded by their chapter members.  This year; however, the awards were scheduled first with a reception and dinner to follow.  As the doors opened, champagne was passed and guests were able to choose their seats from a variety of theater style and lounge options.  Your twenty five or so DFW NACE representatives cozied up on couches as we awaited the presentation.  Anticipation hung heavy in the air as the nominees were announced and jubilation erupted as each award was presented.  I am pleased to report that our Director of Community Service for 2015 Zach Blyther brought home the Community Service of the Year Award.  This victory was championed by his leadership but also due, in no small part, to the considerable contribution of time and talent from our chapter members who collectively logged over 2,000 hours of community services hours in 12 months.  Simply stated our chapter rocks!

A lovely reception with signature cocktails and small bites followed as the hotel team quickly and diligently flipped the front section of the room for the gala dinner and party.  In short order, the doors reopened the DJ was spinning the tunes as the guests quenched their thirsts on cocktails, wine and craft beers as well as feasted on an eclectic mixture of buffets from Asian fusion all the way to classic American epicurean delights.

If you have ever been to NACE Experience!, you know there will be networking and education thought the week but the awards night is reserved for something different.  There is mixing, mingling and dancing…oh so much dancing.

As we prepare to wrap up 2016 I am exceptionally proud of the contribution we have made and continue to make to our community and industry.  The DFW NACE chapter is more than an organization, we are a family and I am eager to witness the continued success of all of our members.