NACE Experience: Education

NACE Experience: Education

By: Adam Wilmore

The NACE Experience 2016 was an amazing experience! There were many great sessions covering a huge variety of subjects, but there was one in particular that I attended which stood out above the rest. In our industry, anything that enables us run our business more efficiently can be priceless. This session was “2016 Tech Apps for your Event Company.” I’ll hit a few of the highlights that stood out as the most interesting for me.

TripIt – Keeps track of all of your information in one place and also alerts you if a cheaper price comes along, or if you are eligible for a refund.

Social Media:
Hootsuite – Allows you to manage all of your social media in one place.

IFTTT (If This Then That) – Lets you create “recipe’s” to automate your social media life.

Staff organization:
Acuity – Great for scheduling.

Slack – Great way to communicate with team members.

Photo Circle – Allows you to share specific photo albums with specific people.

1 Password – Keeps all of your passwords in one place. Allows you to control the access of employees to any work related website to which they have access.

Flex Rental Solutions – Great for inventory control.

Transporter – The same idea as Dropbox, but is a local hard drive and it does not slow down your computers like Dropbox.

Wedreality – Ladies can virtually try on wedding dresses.

Menguin – Tuxedo Rental.

Zola – A place where couples can manage multiple registries in one location.

I Do Stream – A live streaming video for those that have family/friends that cannot attend a wedding ceremony.

AllSeated – A place to create 3D floorplans – this one is free!

The scope of subjects covered in all of the sessions at NACE Experience was amazing. No matter what your particular job is in the industry, there were plenty of sessions for everyone in attendance to learn from and grow. I fully plan on attending again next year when it comes to my hometown of Houston!