Presidents Letter (Late) March 2018

Presidents Letter (Late) March 2018

I had something of an awakening last week.  I mean, it was not a dramatic epiphany through which I discovered some bit of information that shocked me.  It was more of a realization that something that we each know will happen was, in fact, happening. I am getting older.  Please note: I said I am getting older…I am not OLD. I am not referring to getting chronologically older (although that is certainly happening too), I am speaking more about getting technologically older.  What’s this? We have a technological age? Yep…we sure do.

For many years now, I was often called upon by family, friends and associates to help them learn about, understand and use tech.  Computers, phones, social media…check, check check. I recall a time just a few years ago in Chicago at the NACE National Conference when I sat with Kevin Brant and taught him all about the benefits of Twitter.  We covered what Twitter is, who he knew that was likely using it, what the benefits are and how to do it. I was a Twitter Tutor and he was an excellent student. Imagine my surprise when I saw his first tweet later that week.  My heart skipped a beat when he proceeded to even mention someone and used a hashtag in his post. #youcanteachanolddognewtricks Not that Kevin is an old dog! Oh, crop. Nope, no way to make that one sound good. If only there was a way to change what I typed?

Fast forward to last week.  Our team was working at a large conference in Florida and decided I would focus my efforts and increase the quality and frequency of our presence on social media.  As I created my initial strategy (always a good idea to have a route all mapped out before you hit the road) I determined that LinkedIn, Instagram, and by extension, Facebook would likely provide the most return on my time.  I scheduled some posts through Buffer (my choice of social media management apps) complete with hashtags and was sure to tag the people and places. I felt productive and proud…for about a minute. When did Instagram cram all this new functionality into their app?  I officially found myself behind the social media curve. With so many things to learn, I took to Google. I found plenty of articles and how-to videos but is that really the best use of my time? There has to be a better way, right? Of course there is! Just like Kevin found his Twitter Tutor, I needed to find my Instagram Instructor.  #imtheolddognow

I kept a watchful eye on my Instagram feed over the next few days to see who was posting often, using all the features and would likely be willing to dedicate some time to my Instagram education.  Low and behold I noticed that my friend, associate and fairly new DFW NACE member Meghan Nickerson was clearly an Instagram user, tech savvy and super sweet. A quick text message exchange and we have a meeting at the end of the week to chat about all things Instagram.  Get ready for our Instagram to level up starting next week.

So, when you have a pressing question, need assistance or are looking for guidance, I highly recommend that you start by taking a look at your DFW Membership because I am willing to bet, more often than not,  you will not need to look any further to find what it is you are looking for.