Tell us about your business or the work you do. I am the Owner and Lead Photographer for The Amber Studio based in Dallas. Through our wedding photography, we have a mission to empower our community and to tell the true stories of the diverse couples we work with. We want our couples to be able to look back on their images and remember how each of the moments felt instead of wondering why we were so obsessed with those Instagram filters. 

How long have you been a NACE member? On the board? I joined NACE in the fall of 2018. And took the fast track to leadership when I joined the board in January 2020. 

What is your personal motto? My personal motto usually shifts with my circumstances. There was a point in my life where I would tell myself “if someone tells you NO or something doesn’t work out, the worse thing that could happen, is that you end up right where you started, which is not a terrible place to be.” And there was another point in my life, where my favorite quote that I used to push myself was “Life begins outside of your comfort zone.” Now, I’m learning not to be afraid of failure, and that it’s necessary for success. I’ve recently been really inspired by what Sara Blakely shares around learning to get comfortable with failure.

What is your guilty pleasure? Ice cream! I have a sweet tooth and can’t get enough.

Which actor or actress would play you in the movie about your life? Zazie Beetz! I loved her in Atlanta but I relate to her personal style even more. 

What does true leadership mean to you? To me, true leadership often means speaking up and doing the hard and uncomfortable work when no one else wants to.

What is in the trunk of your car right now?  In the trunk of my car, I ride around with my light stands and a step ladder. I hate hauling those things back and forth to my car each time I go out to a photography job so they basically just live in my trunk.