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Cammie Petty Palmer

Director of Community Service

Cammie is the Owner and Creative Director of Beautiful Event Rentals. Cammie thrives on new designs, intentional communication, and organic pieces that fit perfectly together. She is passionate about capturing each client’s personality and seamlessly incorporating it into the details and design of the event. From natural textures to complementing color palettes, dreaming up new and different ways to bring together the pieces that make up a stunning event is something she is always thinking through. Cammie loves what she does each day as it allows her to spend time outside of the office with her first loves. Cammie adores her husband, Dylan, and their two kids, Brody (almost 4) and Brylee (1). With two pups at home as well, it’s a home packed with love and beautiful chaos. She is a lover of fall, crisp morning air, and a fresh gin and grapefruit cocktail.