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Luke Wilson

Ways & Means Chair

Owner, Luke Wilson Events

Full-time facilitator of fabulous, lover of great food, travel enthusiast, aspiring interior designer, and professional car singer. From a very young age, I have been surrounded by the energy of joyous gatherings; helping my family cater weddings and parties in our hometown. I loved arranging the flowers, baking the cake, sending the bride down the aisle and watching everyone celebrate from my little corner of the room. I could never have imagined that twenty years and 800 weddings later I would be sitting here truly loving every minute of what I loosely call my “workday”.

I was born and raised in South Carolina and I have the distinct pleasure of knowing the historic low country like the back of my hand. Charleston’s laid-back sophistication drew me in when I was 17 and I moved to the Holy City. I started working for local event planners and floral designers while I was in college and realized quickly that I belong in the business of making others happy through expertly executed and distinctly designed events. In 2018, I moved to Dallas, Texas and have been planning destination events near and far ever since.