My career has spanned over twenty years of working in the hospitality industry from being at private
country clubs to working for a non-profit. Over those years I have worked with a variety of clients of all
ages planning and executing events, golf tournaments, half marathons and much more. My skill set
includes event planning assisting public relations staff, customer services, client relations and retention
as well as working with a variety of staff and vendors. I have consistently demonstrated communication,
management, attention to detail and planning abilities while constantly continuing to grow as a person
and teammate.
I have had the pleasure to work for a variety of country clubs including Governors Club in Chapel Hill,
North Carolina as well as Northwood Club in Dallas, Texas. These jobs were quite challenging but gave
me an ability to not only grow as a person but to learn from a variety of departments in all aspects of

operations, events and catering. After working for Northwood Club I transitioned to my passion of non-
profits where I have been able to grow my management skills in various departments including theater,

guest services, gift shop and parking. These all have given me a greater understanding and appreciation
for operations. I inspire to not only grow and challenge myself but to grow those around me.