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Vanessa Alston

Co-Director of Programs

I’m Vanessa, Senior Account Executive at BBJ La Tavola Specialty Linen and a new kid on the block in the industry. Born in Dallas, Tx, and raised in Little Rock, AR. When I had enough of making my famous mud pies and digging around in dirt hoping to find diamonds, I made my way back to the great state of Texas! I come from an extra large family, I have a total of 5 fabulous sisters and 3 brothers and I’m right in the middle. Coming from a catering sales role I believed food was the fastest way to the heart. I was very wrong! It’s actually linen, fine linen! Give me a pair of fantastic pumps and the most lavish, elegant, and luxurious table linens, and ill love you forever!! I have quickly become “Little Miss ask for forgiveness” around the office because I love to celebrate those around me, and I have a habit of adding a dash of fabulous to things in and around the office. I love assisting clients with bringing their tablescape dreams to life. If you are ever looking for me in a room there’s a good chance you’ll hear me before you see me so follow the giggles. In my spare time, I enjoy working out, playing dress-up with my 2yr and 5yr old nieces, or lost in a book.