I would not be where I am in my career had it not been for NACE. Supporting NACE and serving in the various roles I have taken on, is how I give back to this great organization and our NACE community. After serving for 10 years on our DFW Board of Directors, I had the privilege of serving on the National Board as the CLC Chair (Chapter Leader Council), which I LOVED. That role allowed me to share all of the great work that we were doing in the DFW area with other local chapters around the country. 

And now as a Board of Trustee for the Foundation of NACE, I have helped to integrate the needs of our local chapters with our fundraising efforts, and the main project I worked on this year, along with Timothy Lam CHT, CGSP was the “Speaker Series.” 

The Foundation’s Mission

The mission of the Foundation of NACE is to support the catering and events industry with education and investments that support local NACE chapters. We do this through innovative, transformative programs that elevate our collective community. Incorporated in 1985, the Foundation of NACE is a 501©3 charitable organization. So in other words … the Foundation was created to provide a vehicle for tax-deductible contributions to support catering and events related solely to education, scholarships, research, and philanthropy.

The Foundation serves NACE in multiple ways

The Foundation provides education for the speakers at our two National Conferences and also this year we started an amazing program called the “Signature Speaker Series” which provides education to NACE members through a variety of delivery formats to benefit members and chapters across the country. 

The “Signature Speaker Series” program helps chapters offer high-quality education through a vetted list of speakers and specially negotiated rates. HELLO … some speakers are offered at no cost to chapters! Local Chapters also receive a REBATE for booking the speakers through this program.

The Foundation also supports the NACE Community through grant-based investments. Our “Community Education Grants” help chapters provide high-quality programs at the local level. This year a total of 9 Chapters received community grants totaling over $12,000.00.

The Foundation provides support for current and future professionals through merit-based education scholarships. We have three scholarships which include: Vince DeFinis Scholarship, The Foundation of NACE Scholarship, and The Patti J. Shock Scholarship (in partnership with The International School of Hospitality TISOH). Together, these three scholarships award over $16,000.00 to 4 individuals. These scholarships provide aid that supports tuition, travel, leadership training, and professional development. You can find more information about the scholarships here: http://www.nace.net/give/educatingtoday/

Of course, this year was a special year, so the Foundation pivoted to offer additional programs for members and Chapters. With one of those programs, The Foundation paid the rebates back to the Chapter for all members that signed up during the membership campaign. And the Foundation also launched the “Chapter Grant / Loan Program” which provides funding to be used toward education programming, program development, membership development or general operations. 50% of the financial support is in the form of a “forgivable grant” and the remaining 50% is treated as an interest-free loan. 9 Chapters applied for this grant and a total of $15,000.00 was awarded.

Serving with the Foundation of NACE

The term of each Foundation member is a one-year term with a maximum of eight years. I am coming up on the end of my first term as a Board of Trustee on the Foundation, and looking forward to continuing my service with the Foundation next year. Also, next year, our very own DFW NACE member Terry Shields, CPCE, CSEP will be Foundation President taking office in January 2021!

An ideal candidate for the Foundation of NACE Board of Trustees has an interest in NACE, was active in their local chapter, and has good connections in the community so that they can fundraise. Remember, the Foundation is the fundraising arm of NACE. Each member is also encouraged to give a monetary donation as well.

Nominations are made by the current Foundation Board of Directors and Trustees. The Immediate Past President vets each candidate and the board reviews the applications. The number of available seats determines how many we are able to invite to join the Foundation. 

What the future looks like for Foundation of NACE

My hope is that through my role with the Foundation, I am able to build more awareness within the NACE community, for our local chapters and all of NACE, about what it is exactly that the Foundation does. We do so much more than pay for the speaker at Conference. We believe so strongly in the catering and events industry and we are here to support you.

We’re on a really tough road in our industry. I want to be part of the solution. 2020 was hard. The next two to three years will be even harder, but we have the opportunity to forge a new path and write a new story. My goal is to help lead the Foundation in writing a new story with some of the most amazing men and women I have ever had the opportunity to stand next to and say “how can we, as the Foundation of NACE, help you, our members?” Honestly, every single person on the Foundation is a good person. I am proud to be a member of this amazing group. They lift me up and I learn how to be a more diligent business person from them on a daily basis. Our connections go far beyond NACE.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and see how you can benefit from any of our Foundation programs. Whether you are working towards your CPCE, interested in a scholarship, community grants, or our speaker series, we are here to help you and push our industry forward.

Dana Blaugrund, CPCE
Board of Trustee for Foundation of NACE