Tell us about your business or the work that you do.

Director of Sales for Shag Carpet Prop Rentals.  We are a rental company that provides unique props and décor to create fabulous events

What year did you join NACE? 

June of 2006 – wow, it has been a long time

How do you define success.

When you feel fulfilled in both your personal and professional life

What would the title of your autobiography be? 

Planning for Others:  A Life in Events

Tell us your favorite NACE moment or memory.

Winning the NACE National Member of the Year award.  I was up against some pretty amazing others in the industry and wasn’t expecting to win.  I felt so honored to be recognized in that way on a National level.

Advice for newer members of NACE

Don’t under estimate the power of connections.  When you know people and you help each other out and can count on each other you can achieve just about anything for your clients.

Over the years what is the most important thing you have gained through NACE? 

Friends and Colleagues all over the US that I can reach out to for advice, guidance, friendship and a good laugh