The NACE Board, with support from the Foundation of NACE, is immediately instituting a Membership Dues Support Program for those members who have lost their jobs, have been furloughed or otherwise impacted by the pandemic. All current members will be able to renew their membership at a lower dues amount. In order to obtain this membership rate, please call (410-290-5410), chat at, or email These membership dues rates are additionally eligible for the payment plans.

This program is available to renewing members only.

  • Members who want to use the support plan are eligible for payment plans.  
  • Members must request the discount code by contacting NACE by phone (410-290-5410), chat (, or at
  • Members who have already renewed and paid are not eligible for a refund however they can renew ahead of time and receive a full year of additional time at the support program dues level.
  • Members still have a 120 day grace period. Their membership will remain active for 4 months following their expiration date. When they renew, their anniversary remains the same, so a 3/31/2020 expiring member will renew to 3/31/2021.  
  • Members currently on payment plans can retroactively add the dues support.
  • The dues relief program will run until further notice.